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  • Transactional Email from TotalSend

    • TotalSend provides transactional email sending that is scalable, reliable and incredibly easy to integrate into your existing systems.
    • We handle the delivery and infrastructure details, freeing you up from maintaining an expensive and complex SMTP infrastructure.
  • What exactly is transactional email?

    Transactional email refers to emails that are triggered based on a specific action a customer performs, and sent automatically based on a set of rules setup on your customer database. Some examples might be:
    • An order confirmation mail when purchasing online.
    • A thank-you email for downloading a whitepaper.
    In essence, transactional email allows you to send people emails relevant to their actions rather than simply general broadcast marketing email. If you interact with your customers online, you should have a transactional email system in place.
  • Reliable analytics

    TotalSend will accurately track deliveries, bounces & spam reports, so you'll know how effective your email sending is.
  • Painless integration

    Choose between our flexible HTTP and SMTP APIs for integration. Click here to schedule a demo with one of our account managers
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